March 1, 2022


Contact: Steve Aaron
SRA Communications
(717) 554-8614



Dear Friends:

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense. Whether helping to inform our special reports or sharing your knowledge by appearing at one of our public meetings, you and your organization are making a difference in better preparing our nation to respond to a biological incident.

It is for this reason we are reaching out to you now in hopes that you will assist us in sharing with your stakeholders details about the Commission’s Apollo Program for Biodefense. In January 2021, the Commission issued Winning the Race Against Biological Threats, a comprehensive report that outlined realistic and achievable recommendations that can bolster the Nation’s defense against biological threats. The report recalls the many times in our history when the U.S. has taken on grand technological challenges in times of great need, such as the Apollo Program to bring us to the Moon.

March 19th marks the two-year anniversary of our lives changing when our nation went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As you well know, the need today for effective biodefense is just as great, but with the latest scientific advances the challenge is more achievable than ever.

That is why the Commission has launched a new public awareness campaign that urges support for our ambitious Apollo Program for Biodefense, that if authorized by the Administration and Congress, can eliminate pandemics in ten years as well as dramatically reduce other biological threats.



In releasing the campaign Commission Co-Chair Tom Ridge, our nation’s first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, said: “With this new public awareness campaign, we are telling this story and hopefully inspiring Americans to recognize that now is the time for an Apollo Program for Biodefense – with the same ambition and ingenuity that put the first human on the Moon in 1969.”

This new public awareness campaign includes a 30-second PSA, suggested social media content and other sharable materials, all housed at our website about the Apollo Program for Biodefense: We have created this ‘Friends of the Commission’ digital toolkit so that you might help us to share this message with stakeholders that are important to you. Please consider forwarding this message to your communications manager for their awareness. This content can be shared in any number of ways, such as through your social media platforms, email blasts to your colleagues and partners, in your newsletters and on your websites. All of the materials can easily be downloaded here.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense and for considering this request to help us spread this important message with our fellow Americans.